I'm Solomon Samuel.
A full stack web, mobile and IoT engineer


More About My Mojo

I'm a coder, developer, engineer, techie and dendrophile who loves challenging encounters who is passionate about creating products with a special focus on IoT and web development. My mojo comes from the adage – ‘A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’.

What's Coming Up

I'm from Redmond, WA and I'm actively looking for openings either in remote or around the area and I'd also love to connect with people of similar passions and engage in some stimulating conversations.

Howdy! Here's a little intro about my journey so far

As a seasoned full-stack engineer with over 8 years of experience I have handled a wide array of high-impact solutions ranging from automobile ECUs to hybrid mobile applications, router mesh networking systems, web development, cloud APIs, and IoT devices for clientele from across the US, India, UK, Australia, Africa and China over the past 7 years

In a nutshell, I'm a complex problem-solver with a practical and rapid development approach to get the job done first and foremost and then work towards perfection

The key tenets of my development career have been people-centric, logical, and focused development that has helped me to develop, lead, assist and manage my team and the clientele, to build and deliver solutions and to grow businesses

Give me a challenge and I'd be eager to jump in and face it head on.

A little intro to some of my core skills.

  • 85%
  • 75%
  • 85%
  • 70%
  • 60%
    Cordova / React Native
  • 70%
    HTML5 & CSS3
  • 60%
    Shell Scripting
  • 80%
    Node JS
  • 75%
  • 70%
    OrCAD PCB Design
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My Work Experience.

October 2022 - Present

Qualcomm, San Diego

Senior Systems Test Engineer

As a part of the car2cloud team, our goal was to build an advanced yet flexible connected automobile ecosystem. Some of my key responsibilities here involved actualizing the capture, translation, and transmission of data from the ECU and external sensors embedded onto a vehicle to the key C2C engine as well as maintaining and deploying device farms where the core tests were run. I also played a critical role in coordinating cross-country development teams in addition to providing support for CES 2023.

June 2019 - June 2022

Pupa Clic Technologies

Full Stack Engineer / Head of Engineering

In addition to being a key developer, my responsibilities were more holistic and often involved ensuring that the goals and vision are executed through leadership and collaboration which oftentimes involved stepping in to resolve issues and conforming to agile project timelines. This encompassed a plethora of stages such as product architecture design, infrastructure setup, hands-on development, code reviews and testing as well as clientele interactions.

June 2015 - May 2019

Pupa Clic Technologies

Product Engineer

This was a fast-paced role that involved moving from product conceptualization to MVP development and even live deployment over a period as short as 3 months for each product. As a key member of the development team, regular work entailed development of frontend UI and backend structures and interfaces, handling voluminous customer and transaction data, API development and integration, developing hardware POC’s, on-site deployments and training.

January 2015 - April 2015

Kone Elevators

Intern - Trainee

This enabled me to effectuate the automation of the testing of various elevator operational scenarios using Jenkins build jobs. The processes were inline with the standards for continuous integration using the robot framework plugin to execute automation tests using Python. I had also used VMware's vSphere server virtualization to create virtual server systems to minimize operating costs by nearly 50% while providing a multi-capable work platform for users.

December 2013

C-Dot Alcatel Lucent Research Centre

Intern - Networking

This programme on network security enabled me to perform various operations such as penetration testing, footprinting, port scanning and vulnerability assesment on a remote application instance using various tools such as Aircrack-ng, Ettercap, Wireshark and Metasploit


See My Latest Projects.

Here's a sneak peek at some of the projects that I'm proud to have helped develop and manage. They've covered a wide array of fields and cater to clientele across various sectors such as Automotive, FMCG, Banking, Retail, Telecommunications, Money-lending, Lighting, IoT, Malls, Property Management, Education, Travel and Medical Diagnosis


Cloud-connected automobile platform for telematics, connectivity, driver assistance & autonomy

The Snapdragon® Car-to-Cloud Services are an integrated, flexible services suite for today’s connected cars. By using our wide range of automotive technology assets, IP, and expertise in complex systems engineering, the Snapdragon Car-to-Cloud Services are designed to help automakers improve cost efficiencies, create service revenue opportunities throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle and provide advanced user experiences for customers and drivers. It also provides automakers the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle with over-the-air (OTA) updates, on-demand unlocking of features, bundled as well as pay-as-you-use services, while gathering valuable vehicle and usage analytics.

Stratos for retail

Retail E-Commerce Web and Hybrid App

Stratos for retail is a cloud-based operating system solution which consists of website portals and android/iOS applications which help in managing a product 360 from online order placement, supply chain, delivery and customer interactions. This platform has been deployed for Pothys who are Asia’s largest online shop stop for traditional Indian wear.


Feet On Street Management

MobFos is a feet-on-street management solution for utilizing in FOS related activities such as address verification and collection. The platform consists of a backend portal where clientele can import, assign, track, manage and export data in the form of cases. The FOS receives the details and travels on-site for recoding data and closing the cases. Some of the platform’s USP’s include real-time data sync and FOS monitoring, geo-tracking, multi-type case closure data support such as text, multimedia and files upload, offline draft-mode data sync for low-network regions and case map-view. It has been deployed across various sectors such as banking (HDFC, ICICI, Axis), telecommunications (Airtel, Aircel, Vodafone, Reliance and Docomo), Furniture lenders, Heavy-machinery Inspection and Collections to name a few.

Stratos for FMCG

FMCG E-Commerce Web and Hypbid App

Stratos for FMCG is a cloud-based operating system solution which consists of website portals and android/iOS applications for groceries which helps manage a product 360 right down to finer details such as grammage, product groups, tags and categorization. It also manages the various nuances of online order placement, supply chain, delivery and customer interactions. This includes real-time sync with local POS and inventories from stores in various location across South India. This platform has been deployed for major FMCG players in South India

MyAmole Marketplace

Ethiopia's First Online E-Commerce Solution

MyAmole is an online ecommerce solution connecting buyers and sellers. It is a platform for the numerous vendors, who promote their products and services virtually on the MyAmole Marketplace platform. It is also an E-payment platform for both local and international customers. My team configured and built the payment services to talk with major players such as Dashen Bank and Canal+ for their services through the platform.


Cloud Connected Smart Vending Machine

Jars is a fully automated end to end smart vending machine which is also cloud-connected to monitor stock, sales and device related operations. The App based ordering system is used to view nearby vending machines, place orders and authenticate at the time of food collection using QR codes. The vending machine comprises of the authenticating circuit and a connecting tablet device which on a successful QR code scan allows the users to open the vending machine and select the ordered products, which are verified by IR sensors. A backend with restock options is also present in the system, which has direct control over the vending unit.


IoT Automobile Device

Fuel Book is a plug and play IoT device which turns any car into a smart car. It comprises of a custom-built firmware chip and Bluetooth stack which can be plugged into the automobile's diagnostic port. The device connects with the Fuelbook app to create a smart environment with various features such as fuel analysis, diagnostics, tagging, accident prevention, locating your car, finding you a parking location, opening of doors/trunk, even starting your car's engine, all from a tap on your phone.

Calix Gigaspire Exos

Smart-Mesh Routers

Gigaspire Exos is an operating system platform that was developed in conjunction with Calix Inc. USA, the goal of which was to develop a 2-hop mesh interface and Alexa container bringing next-generation routers equipped with smart home capabilities in a secured cloud-connected ecosystem. The Alexa system allows the user to fetch data such as client devices connected, enable guest network, speed test and more. The mesh network facilitates various mesh Wi-Fi standards such as Band steering, Node steering, Beam foaming, backhaul management and Network assisted steering to name a few.


Property Management Web and Hybrid App

Sidewalk is a cloud-based solution that is used by property managers, home owners and board members of home owner associations across Georgia. It enables them to track property payments, violations, fines, architectural changes, reservations and budgets. The web-based portal is used by the board members and property managers of various neighborhoods to track, record and act on the various needs and situations that arise in a property. The mobile application is used by home owners to initiate payments, make reservations, and chat with other members.


Knowledge Sharing Online Platform and Application

TacitKey enables professionals to publish and monetize their tacit knowledge. Showcasing tacit knowledge helps professionals to avail of exclusive earning opportunities, accelerate innovation, and reshape the global knowledge economy. It features over 250,000 users globally from across Healthcare, Life Science, Legal, and Finance industries and helps businesses identify and invest in upcoming thought leaders for market research, innovation, and targeted marketing to achieve their objectives.


Cab travel Infotainment Native Application

ONE is a media-centric solution which comprises of a customized android operating system and launcher app for cab users (commuters). The application provides entertainment media from a server which can be viewed offline including games, songs, videos, maps, and also an SOS mode with a background audio record and offline GEO tagging to monitor tablet usage. The backend portal was used to manage the app deployments and media used across the devices.


No App Content Delivery Over Wi-Fi

Ripplinq is a software platform that uses nearby Wi-Fi connected devices to render the application content without installing an actual app. The platform is targeted towards the B2B space enabling them to bring theie Online presence to the Offline world, like in museums, aquariums, malls and cafeteria.


Smart Home Setup

Smart Home Automation was a solution we had engineered as a kit that enables automation of devices and lighting and exercising control using a mobile application. The hardware circuitry consisted of a custom-built enclosure and circuitry which could also be replaced with sonoff switches. The features of the app include but not limited to, the ability to change the color tone, brightness and pulse based on the music played on the handset or set it to a sequence and even set notification reactions accordingly.

Workflow Management Software

Industrial Manufacturing Process Management Portal

This workflow solution was built to track, time and digitize the various processes that occur during the manufacturing of industrial components and maintain an inventory of the raw materials and manufacturing output. A process route map can be created for each component containing multiple sub-processes, with details of the raw materials and machines required. The manufacturer times each sub-process and inputs the outcome at his device. Reference design/guidance files in ACAD, EASM, PDF and other formats can be uploaded and viewed. This was an offline solution deployed across factories building custom lighting and sheet metal solutions.


Auto-connect Property Viewer Application

This was an application used by realtors to showcase their properties to prospective buyers. When the buyer connects to an on-premise Wi-Fi, the user is authenticated and auto-redirected to a page that contains the information and gallery-view of the properties. The to and from handshake system between the buyer's device and the Wi-Fi network included SSID check, app auto-trigger using custom URL schemes, parsing JSON data on each property and much more. This was developed and successfully deployed for a realtor in the US.


Employee Benefits Management Web And App

This web and app-based portal was developed for firms to indicate attendance and collect reviews from customers and managers on their employees through a mobile application. This was then rendered at a backend where the ratings were analyzed and top performers were chosen. The app could also be used by the employees to apply for a leave of absence which could be sent to the backend for approval. An android device was customized to run this app as a stand-alone application and various modifications were performed on the device.


Google And Alexa Voice Assistants

This was an in-house project where we deployed containers to run various voice assistants like Alexa and google assistant on systems to trigger various functionalities. The aim was to develop a plug and play assistant engine that can be used in other deployments. Hence, using their respective sdk's we created standalone instances for triggering the assistants from a desktop/server instance. Since then, this engine has been used across a wide variety of project ranging from home automation to connected IoT devices.


Gait-Based Access Authorization App

This was an application developed for authenticating users based on their gait. The X-Y-Z acceleration parameters were captured by the app and passed through a proprietary identification engine to identify the user from a pre-stored data set that was captured during the password setting phase. The app was triggered only when connected to a local network and post authentication, security credentials were shared through the app to access the local workspace.

Hungry Forever

Food-Focused Media Web And Application

HungryForever is a leading food blogging platform that obsessively covers food-based based businesses, featuring new restaurants and breaking food news. The platform consists of a web-based portal and an application that is also linked to a rewards subscription system called socialite. The key instance is the website that runs on WordPress from which the apps pull in data.


Cognitive Measurement And Testing Application

Tamil Arithiran Mathipeedu which translates into Tamil Cognitive Measurement is an application that is currently being used in neurological centers across Chennai to standardize the administration and scoring of a comprehensive cognitive test. The application performs a series of audio, pictorial, textual, drawing and other types of tests that were devised for identifying neurological disorders. The psychometric properties and test results are processed to give out cognitive scores such as CDR (Clinical Dementia Rating) and APCA (Assessment of Premorbid Cognitive Abilities).


Digitized Laser Tag Gaming System

This project integrated IoT game modules and mobile applications into the operational playing flow of laser tag, the recreational shooting sport. The system was built with IR blaster enabled guns, game vest which communicates to both a mobile application and a backend server for score maintenance and playing history in addition to other game elements such as an IR blaster mine. The mobile application was used to track scores, earn rewards, form teams and pre-book game arenas.


Manufacturing Line Product Identification

This is a label and tag detection system used for ensuring product authenticity that has been deployed in bottled product companies across Africa. The open-source Tesseract OCR engine was used to develop a hybrid application that recognizes labels on products on the line and validate/count the products, the contents and container size.


Gesture-Based Intelligent Network Control

This is a motion-based, interactive fuzzy-neural system that controls appliances. It makes use of ‘MPU 6050’: an advanced 6-axis motion sensor unit to record down gestures,a fuzzy-Arduino control unit that translates actions into triggers, and a python-Raspberry Pi based regression machine learning algorithm.


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